Why Irrigear

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Why choose to work
with IRRIGEAR Stores

Business owners, asset and project managers, as well as property and home owners look to IRRIGEAR Stores to provide effective solutions to water and industrial fluid management problems.

Our IRRIGEAR Store in Eltham, Victoria is Eltham Waterhouse, where you'll find –

The right advice
Our friendly, highly professional staff have the experience, knowledge and support that is the best in the industry.

Local ownership, national network
With independent owner-operated Member stores across Australia, IRRIGEAR STORES are an integral part of their local communities, and we are experienced in providing water and fluid management solutions across a range of Australian environmental conditions.

Best brands and products
Our expertise means we work with and select the best products available. Buying power also means we can buy the best products at the best prices - which directly benefits our customers.

Range of services
Across our network our Members offer and deliver an extensive range of services including:

  • Irrigation Design –
    Drip systems, fixed sprinklers, centre pivots, lateral moves, micro and subterranean irrigation, fertilizer injection
  • Consulting and Design Services –
    Specific advice, design and planning - whatever your needs and wherever you are

Get the
most from
every drop

Agriculture, Mining, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic

Building Development

Construction and Maintenance Solutions

Dams and Bores
(small, large, community, private)

Design and Installation Solutions

Drip Systems

Effluent Systems


Golf Courses

Greywater and Recycling


Laser Grading

Irrigation (all types - Channel, Drip, Flood, Micro, Subterranean)

Irrigation Systems
and Design

Market Gardens


Pumps and Pumping

Remote Stations


Rural Product

Rural Supplies

Specialist Agriculture (Hydroponics, Tobacco, etc)


Water Metrics

Water Tanks and Storage (small, large)

Eltham Waterhouse

1/256 Bolton St
Victoria 3095

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Waterhouse –
is now closed
after serving
our region for
over 28 years.


Eltham Waterhouse - Bob Mirrielees

Eltham Waterhouse provides expert pool, spa, water management and irrigation services and solutions to Eltham and North Melbourne, Victoria. Visit or call us today!

Eltham Waterhouse


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