Eltham Waterhouse - Services

Since 1989, delivering a complete range of water management services

Onsite or infield, Eltham Waterhouse is here to support you with service solutions in water and fluid management

Local services. National network.

Eltham Waterhouse are the experts in water management services and solutions - no problem is too big or small.

We supply a range of professional services – including design, installation and maintenance – to business owners and managers, as well as homeowners in Eltham.

Our friendly, experienced staff have knowledge and familiarity of our local environment, which means we deliver solutions that are proven locally.

Whatever your need, we're here to help.

And as a Member of IRRIGEAR Stores network, Eltham Waterhouse also offers an unbeatable support network Australia-wide.

Eltham Waterhouse - Services

Eltham Waterhouse - Services

Eltham Waterhouse - Services

Get the
most from
every drop

Commercial, Industrial and Domestic

Construction and Maintenance Solutions

Dams and Bores
(small, large, community, private)

Design and Installation Solutions

Drip Systems

Effluent Systems

Greywater and Recycling

Irrigation Systems
and Design

Pumps and Pumping

Rural Product

Rural Supplies

Water Tanks and Storage (small, large)

Eltham Waterhouse

1/256 Bolton St
Victoria 3095

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Eltham Waterhouse
is now closed
after serving
our region for
over 28 years.

Eltham Waterhouse - Bob Mirrielees

Eltham Waterhouse provides expert pool, spa, water management and irrigation services and solutions to Eltham and North Melbourne, Victoria. Visit or call us today!

Design and Planning
DIY Systems
Environmental Solutions
Grey Water Treatment
Hire Equipment
Irrigation and Plumbing Fittings
Irrigation Scheduling, Solutions and Equipment
Maintenance, Repairs and Testing
Pipes and Fittings
Pipes and Testing
Poly Products
Project Management
Pumps, Sales and Repairs
Solar Solutions
Sprinkler Systems
Telemetry and Remote Sensing
Turf, Lawns and Gardens
Water Analysis and Treatment
Water Storage (Tanks, Bladders, Dams)

Eltham Waterhouse

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