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Eltham Waterhouse also have the ability and product range to tackle any industrial water application, whether it be factory water supply or water supply to multi story apartment blocks to protecting underground car parks from flooding or the removal of seepage water. Eltham Waterhouse are able to convert old watering systems to new and up-to-date equipment which will improve your systems efficiency and lower your systems running cost. 


Davey Pumps
HR Product
Hunter Products
Nelson Australia
Iplex Pipelines

Fire protection and firefighting
Large-scale projects
Pumps and water/seepage removal
Updating and replacement of legacy systems
Water storage
Water supply and filtration

Eltham Waterhouse have access to industrial pump systems such as the Davey purpose built pump sets, RVM and Speedman systems along with industrial irrigation systems by Hunter to supply water to sports ovals, Horse training arenas or commercial building fire protection.

Please feel free to contact us in regards to your watering needs, worries or concerns.

Upgrading and replacement of pump and tank system
Eltham, Victoria

Replacing a legacy water pump and filtration system with a new system from Davey means increased reliability and lower running costs – solution delivered by Eltham Waterhouse.

Eltham Waterhouse has installed a number of pump sets along the Yarra river to supply water to sports fields and to irrigate private and commercial properties. We have the ability and product range to help get rid of water seepage under homes and the ability to install systems which can be set up in underground car parks or below ground storage facilities to help with the removal of seepage water or heavy runoff.

Davey Dual Sump Pump

Legacy system refurbishment
Protect property against water damage

The Davey dual sump pump controllers we use has a main and backup pump, on, off and automatic float systems along with visual and audio alarm systems. These are a great reliable system to use to protect your property against water damage.

The project shown here involved the upgrading and replacement of key components of an old water pump, filtration and tank system, with a new Davey system.

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Eltham Waterhouse - Industrial Case Study

An old legacy water pump and filtration system, top 3 photos; replaced with a new Davey system –  by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Eltham Waterhouse.


Eltham Waterhouse –
is now closed after serving our region
for over 28 years

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