Case Studies: Domestic Home and Garden

Effective water management is essential for every home environment – Eltham Waterhouse

Water: Essential for Home and Garden

Intelligent, cost-effective water management is critical for every domestic and home environment. Eltham Waterhouse helps deliver complete solutions, whatever your need.

Eltham Waterhouse has served Eltham Victoria and surrounding regions for over 23 years, building a considerable reputation on product support, experience and knowledge of local environmental and council requirements.

We are experienced in designing and installing water-efficient irrigation systems (from small domestic gardens to large commercial properties).

We also have access to the best products and brands to deliver the optimal results for any size project, inlcuding –


HR Products
Toro Australia

Complete pumping solutions
Experienced, trained staff
Irrigation system design, installation and maintenance
Water Storage Tanks


On the design side, Eltham Waterhouse designs irrigation systems to incorporate the correct watering and coverage in conjunction with appropriate irrigation scheduling, water pressure and component fittings – always with cost and water efficiency at top of mind.

Domestic Home Irrigation System
Eltham North, Victoria

For many, a home garden is synonymous with quality of life – Eltham Waterhouse helps this homeowner create a magical landscape that's beautiful, water efficient and does double-duty as a fire protection system. 

This home garden irrigation installation features a water provisioning and scheduling to support a variety of vegetation (largely native) including established trees, grasses, low and high shrubs – set on sloping grounds, with close proximity to the dwelling.

Davey Multistage Water Pump
Hunter Irritation Controller
Tankmaster 45,000L Water Tanks

Fire protection
Hassle-free year-round irrigation
Lower water costs

The irrigation fit-out, designed and installed by Eltham Waterhouse included three (3) x 45,000L Tankmasta water tanks and a Davey Horizontal multistage M6051T water pump, set to a Hunter 32 station domestic irrigation system.

The tanks hold 135,000L and are filled with a combination of bore and storm water. The irrigation system is operated by a Hunter PTC 21 remote control system, which can work up to 500m away from the irrigation controller. The domestic irrigation system is also set up to act as a fire protection system.

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Eltham Waterhouse Case Study - Domestic Irrigation

Domestic home garden, supported by a cost-effecitve and water-conserving domestic irrigation system – doubling as the home dwelling fire protection system, by Eltham Waterhouse an IRRIGEAR Stores Member.


Eltham Waterhouse –
is now closed after serving our region
for over 28 years

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