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Bush Fire Protection System, Aged Care Centre
Wattle Glen, Victoria

"Providing a bush fire protection system for this aged care facility protects both lives and property" –  Eltham Waterhouse

Wattle Glen Aged Care is a flexible 91-bed aged care facility providing low care, high care and respite services to the community. This center is located in idyllic bushland setting where the building has been purpose-built for residents to enjoy these views.

However, due to this center’s idyllic bushland location there is a strong threat of a bush fire in the local area. The Wattle Glen Management team appointed Eltham WaterHouse to design and install a Bush Fire protection system.

Eltham WaterHouse designed and installed a fully automatic bush fire protection system complete with emergency push button start located in the nurses’ station along with telemetry start allowing the management and local CFA captain the ability to start or stop the system remotely via text message.

ACP200 Controllers with Telemetry
Brass Border Jets
Brass Full Circle Spray Sprinklers
Davey 5210YEHP Fire Fighter Pumps
Impact Spray Sprinklers
27,000L Water Storage Tanks

Bush fire protection system
Custom-build to suit local conditions
Design and installation

The bushfire protection covers all the leading walls and roof surfaces with a film of water protecting the building from both ember and direct flame attack.

The system consists of brass border jets along the east north and west sides of the building with brass full circle sprays and impact sprays on the roof as requested by the architects. The system is powered by two Davey 5210YEHP Fire fighter pumps controlled by two ACP200 controllers with Telemetry connected to 27000L of stored water.

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Eltham Waterhouse Case Study - Bush Fire Protection System

Wattle Glen Aged Care Centre bush fire protection system, designed and installed by Eltham Waterhouse an IRRIGEAR Stores Member.


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